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13 Days Kilimanjaro Cycling Safaris
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Day 1
Start Arusha.
Day 2
Cycle west across the Monduli mountain range, dropping down to Mezerani.
Day 3
Cycling towards the Rift Valley across Masai plains to Selelai.
Day 4
Rift Valley Wall hike and visit to Masaai homestead
Day 5
Cycle to Mto Wa Mbu
Day 6
An early start for game drive in Ngorongoro Crater; camp on crater rim.
Day 7
Full day in the Serengeti, exploring the area around the Seronera River and enjoying the wildlife.
Day 8
Travel north through the Serengeti for a full day of wildlife viewing; camp at Lobo.
Day 9
Cycle down the eastern edge of the park through Masai villages
Day 10
Long ride out towards the Rift Valley and enjoy a spectacular cycle down to Lake Natron and Ol Doinyo Lengai.
Day 11
A free day for relaxation, walk to the lake to see flamingos or bathing in a nearby waterfall.
Day 12
Long transfer back to Arusha through the great scenery of the Rift Valley.
Day 13
End Arusha.


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