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Mt. Kilimambogo and Fourteen Falls Full Day Hiking
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The Ol-Donyo Sabuk National Park is located about 75km north-east of Nairobi in Machakos County, Eastern Province. The ecosystem constitutes a mountain which is entirely covered with dense montane forest except for a small area at the top.

Buffalo are the dominant wildlife here. Other wildlife include bushbuck, leopard, olive baboon, Columbus monkey, vervet monkey, sykes monkey, kirks dik-dik, bush pig, common duiker, reedbuck, rock hyrax, bush-baby, tree and ground squirrel, aardvark, porcupine, mongoose, python and monitor lizard.

The park is home to 45 species of birds and the easily spotted ones include; white-browed sparrow weaver, grey- headed sparrow weaver, African pied wagtail, mourning dove, augur buzzard, African hawk eagle, purple-breasted sunbird, yellow-vented bulbul, speckled mousebird, helmeted guinea fowl, black-headed oriole, grey tit, ring-necked dove, bateleur, great sparrow- hawk, bronze sunbird, superb starling and mackinnon grey shrike.

The Proposed Itinerary
0800 hrs - Pick up from City Market or any hotel within the Nairobi city centre
0830 hrs - Leave for Oldonyo Sabuk National Park
0930 hrs - Arrive at the park and proceed for a 3-hour hike to Mt. Kilimambogo as you also get to see and learn about the infamous McMillan grave site
1230 hrs - Arrive the peak of Kilimambogo and enjoy the scenery. Take Photos as you enjoy the beautiful sceneries
1300 hrs - Hike down to the gate and proceed to the beautiful Fourteen Falls where picknic lunch will be served
1430 hrs - Relax and have a short break as you network before embarking on your journey back to Nairobi.

Leave the park at 4:30pm and be dropped off at city market in Nairobi at around 5:30pm.

Duration: 9 and 1/2 hours

Net quote: Kes 5000/USD60

Package includes:

  -Park fees

  -Lunch and 1litre of water

  -Professional guide

  -Transport from and to Ol-Donyo Sabuk National Park


Package includes:



  -Climbing gears

  -Personal effects